SOUL DATES are possible SOUL MATES!   

If you understand synastry (the comparison of charts for purposes of establishing the level of compatibility), and therefore believe in the power of astrology, then you don’t need much convincing!  You know it works!

(If you’re one of my existing clients… you know it works, too!)

There are TWO services we can provide:


(1)  COMPATIBILITY EVALUATION.  Send me the birth data for yourself and Cupid-two-kids-on-Moon_1315516310CrescentMoonfor any other person you are curious about, and I will use all the tools of astrology to compare the charts and give you an evaluation of your potential compatibility with that person!   There are hallmarks… markers… or true friendship and love… sexual interest… and possible deep compatibility that CAN approach the “SOUL MATE”  level.  My 40 years of experience should be able to give you a real good “read” on whether a person in your life is “short term” or “long term”,  helpful and constructive, or possibly a detriment or even a danger to you!  This is a paid service, as it means doing twice the work an astrologer does when evaluating one chart.  It requires making two charts –one for each person–, and making a series of cross-comparisons and complex evaluations.  You may submit MORE than one person;  the  charge for each extra person is additional. 


(2)  JOIN THE COSMIC SOUL DATE DATABASE!  Send me just the birth data for yourself, including date, year, and TIME of birth IF KNOWN.  If not exactly known, a close estimate is better than none.  If you don’t have any idea of what time of day you were born, that’s okay, I can STILL match you using just the birthdate and year.  Please include PLACE of Birth, as the longitude and latitude changes the cusps of the chart.   I will create your natal chart and seek to find a MATCH for it from among suitable candidates who embody both the BEST PLANETARY MATCH-UPS and also the BEST PERSONAL/SOCIAL MATCHES based on the information you fill-in on the Contact Form!   At this time, (October, 2013),  BEING PLACED ON THE “SOUL DATES” DATABASE IS FREE.  When and if we find a match for you,  we will move to the next level… we will tell you about the match, (and vice-versa), and bill you for the matching service.  The cost of the ‘match’ is split between you and the other party.  If we do not find a match,  you pay nothing.  If you are satisfied with the match, we will take you off the database, if you tell us to.  If you wish to stay on the database,  we are glad to keep you on it, and we will attempt to match you up again. 

Cupids-Messenger-Dove-Love-Cards Do you require more information?  Glad to answer your questions!  Just send me an e-mail with “COSMIC” in the subject line, and ask whatever you like about either of our two services.   For SPECIFIC MATCHING, we will we send you a PayPal Payment Request to your e-mail address.  For all questions, use the Contact Form on the “Compatibility Evaluation” page on this site.  Just fill in those space which apply.  You needn’t pay a thing if you’re just asking a question.

Attraction and Repulsion

Attraction and Repulsion between people is clearly astrological! Anyone who has looked into the specific planetary aspects that connect their life and that of either their mates, lovers, and best friends, and also those of their ‘worst enemies’, rivals, attackers, will find more than sufficient astrological reasons to explain both friends and enemies, lovers and haters. This includes people with whom one is “lucky”, and people with whom the worst things happen. Even the disasters that seem to come up spontaneously from nature or strangers are found, in the end, to be connected to “bad aspects” with the person who physically moved them, caused or influenced them, to be in the “wrong place” at the “wrong time.”  If you don’t think this is how life really works, then you haven’t known very many people, because it really is an implacable Law of Nature.  Dealings with people whose natal charts are antithetical to yours can be a fool’s errand, and harm may be the result.  On the other hand,  getting to know those whose charts combine well with yours, can be a breakthrough to a much better life!

How Do I Know This?

I have performed “forensic compatibility studies” on HUNDREDS of couples — possibly thousands — over many, many years.  Over the next few weeks I will put-up some TESTIMONIALS to the work I’ve done in this area, from some individuals who have used my service, and are still using my service, to find out hidden details, important character traits that would affect a relationship, in people they’re currently seeing or thinking of seeing.

This work is both an Art and a Science, since intuition backs-up very definite data.  I’ve been working on observing and researching the compatibility of couples when I was in my third year of college, around 1969 or 1970. I even did fieldwork like a sociologist might — I approached couples that were secure and happy in their relationships — including every “happily married” couple I could find —  and compared their birthcharts with people whom I knew had broken-up or suffered devastating break-ups. My results paralleled many truisms and “Laws” of astro-attraction and compatibility that I saw in relevant text books of astrological aspects.  It was a moment of clarity… seeing that “bad aspects” caused bad relationships!  It was about this time that I also published some of my first Astrological treatises, such as my: “Can Earthquakes Be Predicted?” which appeared in paperback in 1971. My work was well ahead of its time, as astrological theories about seismicity were still being tossed around more than 30 years later. But the basics of HUMAN ATTRACTION and compatibility had not changed, and were known about as well in 1970 as they are in 2013. And just as few people are using them to save their lives, to protect themselves from the “wrong” people, and to find and connect to the “right” ones, now, as they were then.

This has got to change! Useful methods such as comparing astrology charts for compatibility are a MUST so that individuals and society can prevent the disasters that can happen when the WRONG people get together. If I can stop ONE HURTFUL, WRONG combination from taking place, and steer clients to a BENEVOLENT relationship choice instead, then I will be happy to have done so much work in comparing so very many charts! This IS what I have been doing, with various breaks, since 1970… comparing charts, doing natal and predictive astrology, and specialized research within the field of astrology.

See ebooks which I’ve written, such as: “Planetary Combinations in Astrology Charts” , my 420-page ebook available ($5.99), on Amazon’s Kindle, as one example.  Please see my “Further Studies” page on this site, as well, which includes more useful links.

People Accept TOO MANY Shortcomings of Others… and thus Never Find a Real Soul Mate!

Sadly, most people have NO regard for planetary combinations and their inevitable meanings of love or hate, life or death, because they are embarked upon attraction and adventure that seems like – which they hope simulates – love. Sometimes it really IS love, and the “bad news” comes later, after the “honeymoon is over”, as they say!  But many times people accept some obvious shortcomings in their loved one for one or another practical or idealistic reason. Again, it is often only after quite a while that the cracks can be seen in the structure they attempt to build.

But… Can This Information Yield a “Soul Mate?

Yes, it can!  YES, it HAS!   IF there are enough VERY GOOD chart comparisons.. point-by-point… between the two charts, and if enough other basic likes and dislikes are considered, (such as smoking versus non-smoking, social drinking versus never drinking, etc.), YES, there is no doubt that the reasonable facsimile of a “Soul Mate” can be found... and sometimes, not every day but often enough to make it worthwhile to search… an actual TRUE “SOUL MATE”.


Just SOME points of reference used in Synastry (the Comparison of Charts):

If MERCURY in one chart is well-aspected to the other person’s planets, the ability to communicate with each other will be there, unless blocked by some negative aspect(s).  If Mercury in one chart is badly aspected by the other chart, there may be a lack of the ability to so much as TALK with the other person, and any relationship is likely to be quite superficial.  One party will feel they can never tell the other one what they really want to say!
If MOON in one chart compares well to the other person’s planets, the feelings, the emotions, will be felt and appreciated by the other party.  If Moon in one chart is afflicted by jarring, malefic planetary aspects, there will be little chance to slow down and enjoy a relationship.  It may end quickly.
If VENUS in one chart is in good aspect to the other party’s planets, hobbies, talents, and special interests may blend effectively.  If badly aspected — or not aspected at all — there will be too many differences to make attraction likely.
If MARS in one chart benevolently relates to the other person’s chart, work, team, and attraction will be noted.  In “bad” aspect, Mars can cause frustration, anger, accidents and losses.
SUN is the life-force, the vitality.  In harmony with the other person’s chart, the energy is combined and used well together;  without this,  the harmony and energy may be lacking.


That’s just SOME of the factors used in Synastry.  I also have some “secret” techniques that I use that I’ve never seen used by anyone else!

I am not going to wear “rose colored glasses”, and tell you that every thing you want in a person will be there in one given person. But that there ought to be enough characteristics in common to create a friendship that will have enough going for it to FEEL JUST LIKE a “Soul Mate”, and also, to have a good chance of being a persistent relationship, based on a long-term and continuous mutual attraction!


For those of you who already have a “Special Other” in your life, a partner or lover…  you are indeed the LUCKY ONES!!  But let me “fine-tune” your relationship, if there are any questions at ALL in your mind as to how good that relationship REALLY is for you!   I can give you an honest answer, in Valentine-18560354module153500903photo_131662963120sCoupleterms of the ASTROLOGY… as to HOW CLOSE your special guy or girl is to being a “SOUL DATE / SOUL MATE”  for you… All you need do is just fill in Contact Form #1, and I will evaluate your relationship within 2 to 3 business days.  You will receive an e-mailed personally-prepared report which should be quite an eye-opener.  IF the person in question is the SOUL-MATE of your DREAMS, believe me, the Astro-Comparison will Tell the Tale.  It may well be that they are 35% or 75% your “Soul Mate”... Wouldn’t that be a good thing to know, in advance of getting in over-your-head with them? 

With 40 years of experience… I KNOW I AM ACCURATE!   If you aren’t satisfied with my work, let me know why right away!  I will give you a 100% refund.


cupid-with-lock If you are looking for a match-up to find a SOUL-DATE who might be your SOUL-MATE… you’ve come to the right place!   I need lots of people of both sexes for a database in which to find the very best matches! I will use the synastry — comparison of charts — along with a match-up based on the personal information you’ve submitted.  We assume that if you are a non-smoker or non-drinker, you will not be happy with someone who drinks and/or smokes… and vice-versa!   There are also various preferences and special interests and desires that you can express, along with educational, hobby, and  regional (locational) preferences!   LET US KNOW, so we can make the best match possible!    When (and if) we find a match, we will contact you, and tell you about the other person.  We might then ask you for a photo.  We will bill you at that time for putting together what we believe is a good match.  You can continue in the database system or ask us to delete you from it at any time.  There is NO CHARGE to stay IN THE SYSTEM, only when we find what appears to be a “SOUL DATE”, will we contact you and bill you for the service.   If at any time you are NOT SATISFIED, let us know, and we will refund whatever you’ve paid.  If the SOUL DATE doesn’t work out…  you also have our apologies.  We cannot make any guarantees or warranties other than to always use the best astrological synastry in making our comparisons and drawing our conclusions.  We particularly ask that everyone  be  honest as to their date and year of birth.  It is customary for a lot of people to shave a few years off their true birthdate, but doing so will create ABSOLUTELY WRONG BIRTH DATA.  Please don’t do that here!  It will yield absolutely wrong data and incorrect results.  We ask all of our clients and potential clients to check and double-check the birth YEARS, at least, of their partners to try to make sure birth data is accurate.  We cannot be held responsible if someone has given us inaccurate data, and if we find that someone HAS done so, we will delete their account.  Thank You!

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